A struggle is not easy .. a lot of roads and also the sacrifices that we must undertake. there is nothing that just happens, we should definitely arrange all of the details carefully and should also be full of prudence. Like the puzzle if there are errors in the way we set it to repeat. Life is hard like it or not life had to choose, there are only two choices to be successful and useful, or abandoned and sunk by the day.
Said the lives of people … it starts from a dream so we have plenty of sleep to keep dreaming. Poisson’s statement is clearly wrong, life emang sob came from a dream, but if we keep dreaming when his conscious? ‘… So start today and begin the second change the ordinary into the extraordinary thing, get up from your dreams it is time to be a leader no longer be a dreamer who can only fantasize and chestnut skies.
Continue to try to make how to become a leader …? ‘”Actually tobe a leader, all you need is to give all you have …” I read it from a small sentence at the bottom of my notebook hehe .. : P but it’s true steatment really like it “to become a leader you need to do is give everything you have …” means that given all the talent and the strong suit … so do not ever hesitate to pour spirit, creativity, and all the things you have, even though the practice ga … sob simple yes would have loads are also obstacles that confront the challenge.
My friend says if you are in a problem that means you are one step more mature and more advanced than the people whose lives are just flat. yup true, because indirectly it teaches us to issue more mature in dealing with matters of life. The logic is if you give in a problem, you will surely find a way out of the experiences to it, automatically many lessons that can really take away from a problem and we can make it as our experience. “Experience is the best teachers” ….
So from there you will get used to facing a problem and find a solution, remember “we could as usual”. And if you have reached this stage means that all your struggles will soon bear fruit. And if more problems arise then you can not finish it, it does not mean you have to give up, learn from a Nick Vujicic “never give up ever …” so he says. So God willing there will be all the way.
And if you want to start doing your best and you change the direction of the leader’s life starting from today, I’m sure that’s where your struggle has already begun and soon your dream will come true. Anyway, keep the spirit and never stop to fight, oh yes one more do not forget to pray also

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