Narative Text : ” Petter and The Magic Book “

A long time ago in small village there was a boy who lived with his parents, his called Petter. His parents worked as a corn farm near his house. Petter was a good boy but he also embarrased boy, he never braved enough to introduced him self to people, he never went out of home. Everyday Petter just played at home with his toys.

one day when Petter birthday his parents gave him a gift, his father gave him a wrote equipment liked pen, pencil, eraser etc. and his mother Anna gave him a big book liked story book wich many picture in there. He looked very happy at that moment because he liked read a book and wrote. After that everyday before he slept he always read a book and wrote his diary in the blank papers in that book because a quarter lastest page content with a blank paper like a diary. He used to wrote his activities all the day in there.

One night he felt so lonely becouse he had not had a friends, and then he wrote down all about his lonely and wish to got a friends in that book. He wrote all night about that until he felt so sleepy and went to bed to slept. Next day in the morning he surprissed by the noisy voice that made him woke up. Then he saw his toys talked each other, he felt so scarred but at the same time he felt so currious. The one of his toys spoke up to him , “ good morning Petter … “ said that toy.

“ Were you talking to me?” Petter answered

“ Yes of course I talked with you Petter the lonely boy.. “ the toy replyed

“ Waited a minute, how did you know me? “ Petter asked

“ Of course I knowed because we belonged with you, because you wrote your wish in that magic book“ the toy replyed again

“ Was it a magic book ?” Petter said

“ Yes, you can wrote all your wishes but only that you needed the book would gave, and you need to keep this secret and also keep that book carefully, becouse if you broke the rull the magic would gone and we back to be a toys again” explained that toy.

After that Petter understood, and he felt so happy because he got a new friends and can played all day with them. But his parrents never knowed about this because the toys not allowed to shared about this because if that happened the magic would lost.

One day his parrents asked Petter to joined with them to the river, they want to had a vacation. So Petter brought all his toys and the magic book with him self. After they arrived there they looked so busy to prepared equipment for barbeque. Then Mr. Wiliam, Petter’s father commanded him to took a view water in the river, so Petter immedietly did it, he also brought the magic book with him. Before he took a water he put the book near the river while he took a water. Suddenly there was a strong wind the book away felt into the river. Petter so surprissed look at that. He tried to reached the book but the river were so fast. He can’t did anything because he can’t seam well.

 After that Petter back to his father and mother, and he quickly checked the toys out that he brought, and he saw th toys came into back again they can’t spoke again becouse the book losted the magic also gone. He felt very sad, and he just spent the vacation with sadness. His mother Anna tried to asked Petter why he looked so sad. But Petter just silent.

 In the night after that vacation, Petter locked him self in his bedroom. His mother knocked the door and said “ Petter it were your dinner .. “ but no answered.

“ what’s wrong with you? Talked to me and maybe I can help you” she said again. But Petter didn’t care it.

“ Petter opened the door or I would broke this door!!!” Anna pressed

 Finally Petter opened the door and his mother came in tried to entertained Petter.

She said “ Petter my lovely son, what happened ? Told to me about your problem “ finally Petter told about his problem that he lost his book, and it made him very sad because that book was his best friend. Then his mother told him to didn’t sad again.

She said “ it were your problem? It was alright if you lost your book becouse you still had your parents mom and dad who would always be your best friends, I most worried if I lost you Petter my lovely son. So promissed to me to smile again and forgot about it.”

Petter replyed “ yes that all my problem, thank you for your sugestion mom, it very helped me, sorry if made you worried to me”

finally Petter can smile again and he learned one thing that friends didn’t what we imaginated but friends were reall, they always there around us just opened your eyes and you would found them.

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