Song Review “Grenade” by Bruno Mars

           Grenade song from bruno mars, it slow pop and easy listening, as we know Bruno Mars has special characteristic from his song same as this song that have special characteristic

            This song tell us about betray from the love story. Maybe this song create from his own experience. In the video clip of this song Bruno Mars act as the man who has do anything and he sacrifice even he want catch her grenade, jump in front of train and die just for her but the girl doesn’t care about it, she just keep silent and even she walk with other guy. The story is very dramatic and it quite diferent from his previous song “ Lazy Song” that show about happyness and daily activities.

            Beside that the lyric is very deep touch our heart, everytime Bruno Mars create a song he create the lyric with characteristic and always touch our heart also it always easy listening. Afterthat the story of the video clip is very dramatic like a short movie. We have to give appreciate to the producer who has made this video cip, because it very good and great.

            I like this song, in general everything is perfect. Song,  lyric, video clip, that all very good. It is comfortable for you all whom get the sadness or feeling blue and maybe have a same story with this song, you have to listen this song to understand the feeling that your feel when you are sad. And don’t forget to watch the video clip of this song…. 🙂

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