Identification of movie “Dark Shadow”

Expression Request of “Dark Shadow”


Elizabeth : I have just a few questions

If you don’t mind That were not on the application?

Vicky : Of course.

Elizabeth : How do you feel about the president?

Vicky : Never met him

Elizabeth : The war?

Vicky : I don’t watch Television

Elizabeth : Do you think the sexes should be equal?

Vicky : Heavens no. Men would become unmanageable

Elizabeth : I we’ll get along just fine, Miss Winters

Vicky : Vicky, please. Call me Vicky

Request :

Julia : How do you ever expect to live with us if you keep introducing each other with labels?

Roger : So Vicky…..

Caroline, would you please turn that noise down?

Elizabeth : David this is Vicky, she’s going to be your new governess

David : You ruin it, I was going to scare her

Roger : Damn it David, what did I told you about putting holes into the sheet?

Vicky : Those were Egyptian cotton

David : I was going to scare her, Are you scared?

Vicky : Terrified beyond belief

Caroline : You don’t have to be nice because he’s nuts you know

Elizabeth : Caroline

David : Caroline touches herself and make noises like a kitten

Caroline : David He’s lying, shit

Elizabeth : Caroline, enough. Both of you

Vicky : If I may, what is the family business?

Elizabeth : Seafood. Miss WintersWe have a large cannery in townWe still own a few fishing boats.

Caroline : and David’s mother at the bottom of one of them

Elizabeth : Caroline, go to your room

Caroline : Everybody in this house take his side and never care what I feel.

David : She didn’t die. She can’t

Elizabeth : Enough David

Julia : Yes, David really believe his mother some kind of being immortality,fascinating really

David : I feel her She talk to me, all the time

Request :

Barnabas : See me. Look into my eyes and deliver me your inner most thought. Awaken…

Well done…..

Now tell me the Collin’s family, Do they endure?

Maggie : They are, four of themThanks heaven

Barnabas : What month is it?

Maggie : October- That’s why there is pumpkin

Barnabas : What is the year?

Maggie : 72, wait, 71Yeah, 1972

Barnabas : 1972? Hear me future dweller you shall be my loyal servant until such time as I release you

Maggie : So, what first master?

Barnabas : You must cleanse me then you will take me to these living collins whom you speak of.

Maggie : Okay

Greeting Exporession of “Dark Shadow”


Maggie : Hello, My name is Maggie Yves

Vicky : Hello, my name is Victoria Winters Please call me Vicky

Maggie : So where are you from you, Veronica?

Vicky : New York, and it’s

Maggie : New York’s a trip huh? I guess What about you?,What bring New York girl up to the states?

An old friend Take it easy, Veronica

Vicky : Hello, I’m Victoria Winters

Maggie : CongratulationsI’m here to see about the governess positionWell I’m been expecting you, Come on Sorry I didn’t pick you up at the station damn wagon been acting upElizabeth most spend getting the place fix.


Roger : Chop chop Jullianne, I’m starving God help me if it another Bone Dry Pop Roasta.

Who’s this?

Elilsabeth : Miss Winters, this is my brother, Roger

Roger Miss Winters is to be David new governess

Vicky : Please, call me Vicky. Nice to meet you

Roger : Yeah, yeah. Nice to meet you

Greeting :

Man : Hi Angelique, have a nice day

Angie : Good morning

Man 2 : Angie… Good Morning

Employee : One of the equipment blew going to be two hours before its back online

Angie : Make it an hour stop docking hours in here,everybody looks like they’re moving at half speed today

Employee : To tell you the truth I think they’re just a little spook about what happen last night

Angie : What do you mean?

Employee : Didn’t you hear?They found 11 workers dead in the wood off route 9 this morning

Angie : Well accidents happens

Employee : It wasn’t an accident. Some maniac rip their throats out

Angie : Where off route 9?


Barnabas : Hello

Guest : Thank you for having us

Barnabas : Good evening, welcome to Collins Wood

Caroline : I got to handed to you, this is a happening the only thing missing is Alice Cooper

Barnabas : Perhaps you should go in and make acquittance of yourself with the evening entertainment

Barnabas : Mater David where is the female coat attendant?

David : My dad talking to her inside told me to keep my fucking out

Barnabas : I’m sure he did David. You’ve done a marvelous job. I would like to watch Alice Cooper with the others

David : My father said..

Barnabas : Go and watch


Elizabeth : Welcome to collins Wood you have to imagine us on a better day. The house has some 200 rooms most closed offto save on heating.We don’t even go in the old wing anymore SitThere are only 7 of us after allMy daughter, Caroline and I. My brother Roger and his son, DavidWilly who you met Mrs. Johnson and Dr. Hoffman Who I suspect is sleeping off on her legendary hangovers.

Vicky : And where is David’s mother? If you don’t mind my asking

Elizabeth : Laura was lost at sea.

Agreement expression of “Dark Shadow”

Agreement :

Barnabas : I am Barnabas Collins

Elizabeth : That means your….

Barnabas : A vampire, Madam…

Yes and most regrettably sobut more importantly I am a Collins And I give you a word of honor rather you or many or any under this roof need fear my cursed nature. My father had a quite of flare of secret passages and rooms as a boy I took it upon myself to discover each one but this one, this one was always my favourite Family is the only real wealth that worth a lot though clearly he did not oppose to other kind

Elizabeth : Oh my God, We been sitting on top of a fortune all these years

Barnabas : Know this. I mean to stay… I mean to be a part of this family again

Elizabeth : On one condition

Barnabas : Yes

Elizabeth : Promise me that this All of this will remain our secret

Barnabas : So be it. Partners

Elizabeth : Welcome home Barnabas Collins


Barnabas : I have spent the last two centuries locked in a box staring in the all consuming voidthe dark shadows of ones hopes

Man 1 : That’s hate man

Woman 1 : Wow, locked for 2 centuries?

Barnabas : Indeed. But with great purpose let me thinks for I believe that I have found my one true love. Alas I know not how to win her tender affection but I fear that I have no willing in her eyes

Man 2 : That what they say about us

Barnabas : Yeah Where I’m from the love of a woman is won by giving money to her fatheror sheep and if love is true enough perhaps the combination of the two

Woman 2 : women don’t care about money or sheep

Barnabas : Are you absolutely certain?

Woman 3 : Love, chicks dig love, man

Man 2 :Yeah

Barnabas : Yes. I remind of the line Eric Siegel wonderful novel, The Love Story. Love means never having to sayyou are sorryhowever please know hat is with sincere regretthat I must now kill all of you


Julia : No, its brilliant, theoretically anyway series of transfusion to try and purify your blood

Barnabas : and my soul exists

Julia : I shall warn you Barnabas, there’s a slight chance it wont work.This is exactly the kind of thing they teach you in medical school

Barnabas : You must have faith doctor When as a man can become a monster any monster can become a man

Julia : Why do you want to become a man, Barnabas? Why do you chose to give up the gift of eternal youth? and look at me, every year I look half as pretty and twice as strong

Barnabas : That is true, Madam, you must have started as the most beautiful creaturelived on the surface of the Earth

Julia : Barnabas Are you aware of the concept of doctor and patient confidentiality?

Barnabas : No. Perhaps you would be kind enough to enlighten me

Julia : Alright

Like or Dislike Expression of “Dark Shadow”

Like :

Barnabas : Josette

David : That’s Vicky, she believe in ghost like me

Vicky : Hi

Barnabas : I enchanted surely you don’t let them call you Vicky A name like Victoria is so beautifulI could not bare to part any single syllable of it

Roger : Yeah, well Money might grow money on trees where you’re frombut it’s a little to come by here

Barnabas : Do not concern yourself with my methods,I shall like to see the factory immediately. How soon can the horses be ready?

Elizabeth : We don’t have horses. We have a Chevrolet


Vicky : It’s beautiful

Maggie : Full with dust is all it has Place was designed for staff of a hundred And now the only staff is me. Me and Mrs Johnson. She but as useful as a bucket without a bottom

Vicky : Still not every family has a house like this or a whole town name of them Come again?

Maggie : Collins, Collins Port, I forgot that

Vicky : Who’s that?

Maggie : Barnaby maybe, Some part of Barn

Vicky : Must be the important

Maggie : One from way back Back they were rich-rich people.Barnabas His name was Barnabas Collinsand he’s the finest manthis family had ever knew

Offering Expression of “Dark Shadow”


Magie : If you want fishermen you got to get Silas Client firsthe knew every captain from Bar Harbor to Boston. They call him the godfather of the Grand Banks Captain Clarena. Captain Clarena I like you to meet Barnabas Collins…

Clarena : Collins?and why does Collins want to talk to me?

Barnabas : To offer you a contract

Clarena : I have a contractwith Angel Bay

Barnabas : And if I told you I could offer you a better one?

Clarena : Then Mr Collins I would tell you. To take a long walk of a short tear. There are such a thing as loyalty in our line of work

Barnabas : I seeMr Clarena, You have grown rather weary working for Angel Bay. In fact you would rather sell your soul to Satan then sell more fish for Angel Bouchard, do you understand?

Clarena : I understand

Barnabas : Very Good. Now Would you be so kind as to introduce me to some of your fellow captains


Angie : I remember this place being less depressing And also remember the tools having a lot of fun here andhere

Barbanas : Have you any idea what you put me through? You killed all my lover and curse to be this hideous creature

Angie : Barnabas get over it

Barnabas : I lived in a box for 200 years.

Angie : Don’t exaggerate its only a 196

Barnabas : It was an eternity. I should have you trial for witchcraft and burn to the steak

Angie : Poor sweet Barnabas. Thing have changed while you were taking your napMy Angel Bay is Collins Port now

Barnabas : So are the one who sent the Collins family business into the abyss

Angie : They love me hereI’m the only big fish left in the pond

Barnabas : Is that so? only the good people of Collins Port knows that their beloved Angie is a whore of Beelzebub

Angie : Do you really think anyone would believe a word you said?having enough standing member of this community for 200 years in one port to another

Barnabas : Your name may have changed but you remained a devil hooker a Satan

Angie : The people of Collins Port admires worshipers nowand to them you just a stranger whose afraid of the sunWelcome back to the shadow Barnabas Collins


Julia : I think its time I show you my office, BarnabasYou know what a psychiatrist is?

Barnabas : Regrettably the word is foreign to me. may I assume it’s some species of American delicacy

Julia : Its a medical doctor that specializes in the mind. I’m a psychiatristnow- Where were you born?

Barnabas : Liverpool

Julia : Can you describe it to me?

Barnabas : It’s filthy. The street reeks smells of dirt smell of urine permits the air

Julia : Have you any experience with hypnosis Barnabas?

Barnabas : I find it very useful, yes?

Julia : Yes, I agree. You seesometimes we make up a fantasy world to help us erase horrible memories of our passI found Hypnotism cuts through all that I found it for other purposes. May I hypnotize you, Barnabas?

Barnabas : Madam I do not believe that’s remotely possible

Julia : Good. nowI like you to tell me a few things


Barnabas : I demand that you release me from my curse

Angie : You’re late

Barnabas : What is that?

Angie : The only thing you drink these days

Barnabas : Where does it come from?

Angie : No one you know I promise. I knew it wouldn’t be long before you barge in begging me to making you mortal again. Now that Doctor Hoffman isn’t around anymore to give you a your little transfusion

Barnabas : Yes, it was ashamed she was caught away in so suddenly

Angie : InterestingI do not any people who had business meeting at the bottom of the ocean. It was a liar

Barnabas : She was stealing my blood

Angie : Aren’t we being hypocrites? Lying and stealing blood are things you rather familiar with

Barnabas : Yes I Killed Dr Hoffman and the work men and some very nice and shaping young people but know this with each life I take a piece of my soul diesI kill only because I’m compelled tocompelled by your witchcraft, by your curse.Why have you done this to me?

Angie : Its ashamed You know you been smart enough to love me. I would have let it go

Barnabas : Speak plainly snake

Angie : I sent you little girlfriend off the cliff once before What makes you think I wont do it again?

I’m gonna offer you abusiness proposal Barnabas my final offer Either you rule this pond of mine side by side partners and lovers or I put you back in a box

Barnabas : I already prepared my counter proposal. It read thusly. You may strategically place yourwonderful pond upon my ass and kiss it repeatedly


Barnabas : So this is how it ends?

Angie : So quiet as if you were asleep

Barnabas : You know there was a time that I might have loved you

Angie : We could have spent eternity together, we still can

Barnabas : You never wanted my love You wanted to posses me

Angie : No… I love you,

Barnabas : You cannot love, That is your curse

Angie : Take it, my heart…


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