Catherine oh Catherine

Little girl oh little girl you are a cute girl, your face is so cute and you always wear a red hood and it’s so suitable for you. So that they called you Little Red Riding Hood. But people say don’t judge the book by it’s cover, yes that’s right. Good out side but bad inside, even though you are a cute girl but you are a bad girl, you make me feeling blue, and make me hate you because you killed my girl friend. She is Catherine, she is your pet, your beautiful pet, I love her so much. Why do you do that?

Along time ago, when the first time I met you and your pet, Catherine, you were taking a walk at the park near the forest. It was the beautiful afternoon in the park, I tried to got closer with Catherine and I said to her “ Hi…. What is your name? ”, and Catherine said “My name is Catherine”, after that I said “ I’m Edward, hm… Catherine is a beautiful name”. See that, you little girl didn’t like me, you said “Go away you ugly wolf, stay away from Catherine” and you kicked me away. You know it’s make me disappointed. But since that day I always thought about Catherine. Did you know little girl? You had a beautiful pet, a beautiful dog like Catherine. She has a long snout, a beautiful eyes, and cute tail. I felt in love with her, so in love with her.

The next day after that day, I came to your house and met Catherine and we spent the night together. Catherine said that I may not came to your house in the morning or afternoon, she asked me came to your house in the night, because if you know about it you would angry to Catherine and you would gave her a punishment. So we commited to ‘back street’ got a special relationship behind you.

Those were a beautiful night, I and Catherine always spent the night together, we were playing hide and seek, singing together all night. And one night, when the moon shines, we were talking each other.

I said to her “Catherine oh Catherine…. My lovely Catherine.”

“Do you know? You are my everything, You always in my heart.”

“You are the most beautiful dog that I ever seen.”

“You have a beautiful snout, your eyes so beautiful and you have a cute tail.”

“Your body is perfect, your voice always remind me of you.”

“Catherine oh Catherine,.. I love you so much.”

“I want you to know all of my heart full of your name.”

“Oh my darling, would you marry me?”

“I’ll give you everything you want, we will get a child as many as you want, and I will always protect you.”

“I’ll give you a thousand bone of deer so you can eat that every day.”

“So would you marry me?”

After that do you know what Catherine said?

She said “I love you too Edward you are my love, yes I do. I will spend my life with you, forever with you.”

Did you know that words made me happy, it’s make me fly. But unfortunately I didn’t relized you follow us and spy on us. You heard all of our conversation at that night, and you being angry with Catherine. After that you had a bad plan to kill Catherine.

The next day, in the morning you invited Catherine to took a walkedand went to the river near to the forest. You asked Catherine to swim whereas you know she can’t swim. Accidentaly I saw you and Catherine, and I spy on you all behind trees. Finally Catherine jump to the river and can’t swim, she carried by the river. Even though you know that but you only quiet and leave her away. I saw it and I run as fast as I can, but it’s too late and finally she die. This accident make me hate you more and more. Your face is not cute again for me, it’s not a beautiful eyes again. Everytime when I see you, big girl your like a monstar ugly witch. And after that accident, you don’t know I always follow you wherever you are, I wait the perfect time of revenge and kill you.

To day in the morning your mother asked you to brought a bread in the basket to your grand mother house because she was sick. You don’t know I have followed you from your house until now you in your grand mother house. You knock the door, you know that your grand mother was slept. After that you got in the house, before the door was closed I run and jump to your grand mother house. Now you in front of me, from here your face being so delicious to eat and my revenge is so big, I want to kill you.

“You must die… You had killed my lovely Catherine.” I said.

“Catherine is my pet, I’m her master. Whatever I did it’s up to me. I don’t like you if you come near to Catherine. You have to see your self, you only a poor wolf, your body is thin and your face like my grand mother, you are too old and not appropriate for Catherine, your hair being white and you have an ugly thick mustache.” that’s all what you said.

“Argh… how dare you are said like that, I still young you know. And you wrong about my mustache, Catherine love my mustache very much. You are a bad girl, I will kill you.” I said

But suddenly you jump to me and attract my mustache, after that you hit me using your basket.

“Au.. au… that’s hurt.” I screamed. And you laugh and said “hahaha you think it’s easy to kill me?”

But after that your basket broke, and finally I catch you back and pounced you.

“Hm… now you can’t do anything, it must be nice to eat you with a souce and pour you with a pinch of salt.” I said.

“No.. no.. no.. I’m so sorry Mr. Wolf, please don’t eat me.” you ask

“Shut up you bad girl, no more sorry for you… Argh I eat you now.”

Finally you being my delicious food, and my revenge returned. I go home to the forest and alone again. Catherine oh my Catherine.


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