An Incident in Grandmother’s House

    Long time ago there was a wolf who lived in the forest. His name was Edmond. He was different from other wolves, he was so kind and he never hurt humans. He lived with a grandmother and grandmather very loved him. Since Edmond had come to grandmother life, there was a girl who jealous of him. She was Emily, Emily known as the Little Red Riding Hood, because she always used red hood. She was grandmother’s granddaughter. Emily felt her grandmather more loved to Edmond than her.

    One day, Emily’s mother asked to Emily to delivered foods and fruits on her basket to her grandmother’s house because she got sick. But behind that all, Emily had a plans for how to revenged to her grandmother. She brought something on her basket for her plan.

Grandmother house was in the forest. And then Emily went to the grandmather’s house passed the forest. In the middle on the way to the forest, Emily met with Edmond.

Hei Emily, where do you go?”, Edmond said.

I want to grandmather’s house.” Emily replied

How if you go there with me?”, Edmond said.

No, thanks, I want to looking for a flower for grandma first.”, replied Emily.

Oh, I see. Okey I waiting you in the house. See you.”, Edmond said”

     Emily was waving to Edmond with sweet face but after Edmond went away suddenly it became into evil face. Then Emily already looked for a flowers for her grandmather. Twenty minutes later after she finished looked for flowers she continuou to went to grandmother’s house .

Finally she Arrived there, Emily knocked on the door and said,

Grandmather it’s me Emily, open the door please….”.

Come in, the door is unlocked”,grandmather said.

     After that, Emily got into the house. Then, she gave foods and a flower to grandmather. Grandmather said,”thanks dear…. , these flowers are very beautiful.” Then grandma smelled the flower and suddenly she felt dizzy and fainted down. Edmond was shocked and immediately looked at Emily and said,

Why did she pass out? what the flower do you give toher?”

Emily was laughing and said, ”That’s poisonous flower.”

Edmond be angry and said,”Why did you do that? She is your grandmather, Emily.”

I don’t care. This all because of you. You make she more love you than me and I don’t accept it.” Emily replied.

     Edmond was so upset and immediately pounced on Emily. But Emily was clever, she pulled out a gun from her basket and shot the Edmond quickly. Finally Edmond and Grandmather killed. Emily went home to her house and leaved grandma’s house with great satisfaction and without the guilt.


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