Please!!! Let Me Be Free

Two weeks ago, on Tuesday 19th of March 2013 exactly, my lecture asked me to make a narrative story about Little Red Riding Hood story, but I had to make it in own version. And also I had to submit it on the next week. It meant only seven days that I got to make a story. Honestly, I don’t like writing, because writing is a hard job. It always force me to think so hard, and I have to lock my self in my bedroom for hours to get the ideas. Did you know? Bored, annoyed, and confused. Only those three words that appeared in my mind when I got this writing assignment. “Mom….. help me, I am in misery” I said.

In the first day, My bedroom always be a perfect place for me to do my assignment, I tried to write some sentences on my paper, but I had no ideas to write. I felt like my hand can’t move, and the pen that I held was so heavy like it made from 100tons ofiron. I tried to remember all my experienced and hoped found inspiration from there, but my experienced was so dark. Then suddenly I remembered something, my lecture ever said to me “if you want to find inspiration, sometimes you should think like a children”. So, I did it, even I asked my little brother about the story, but he didn’t understand about it, finally I got nothing.

Since that day, I always think about my assignment. this assignment made me so deeply insane, moreover I didn’t good enough in made a story. Seems like these beautiful days became a darkness days and my suffered days began. “Oh God,…… how could this happen to me?” I screamed. Every time, every hour, and every minutes I always think about that more than I thought about my PPTQ exam.

I won’t gave up, I ever heard that the artists got inspirations with looked around to their environment, looked to the things near them and tried to unit with them and finally they got inspiration. So I did it, I remembered it was a beautiful Saturday night at 10.00 p.m. with the moon light and the sky full of stars. I locked my self in my bedroom, I sat on my comfortable bed behind my desk, it was my lovely bed, with a red blanket covered and withshades ofmy favorite clubimage Manchester United. Then I looked around to the clock on the wall in front of me, to the window in the left side, and slowly I closed my eyes and tried to unit with them. Five minutes was overcame, I felt something, the situation was so comfortable and calm, deep and deep again it was so silent and my bed felt so soft, lasty because of that I instead felt aslept.

Three days was overcame, it was enough to make my brain burned-out. I had to hold my head and put an ice cube on it. Writing oh writing, you made me hoped I was never born into this place.Today was a fourth day, I tried to forget all about my assignment. I tried got online, I needed to refresh my mind. I watched video on youtube about stand up comedy, it always make me laugh. Raditya Dika is my favorite comic, on the youtube he told about funny love story, and suddenly I found a good ideas from that. Finally I got enlightenment, I got inspiration from that.

Soon after that, I took my paper on my desk and my black pen beside that. I removed all the things on my desk, so that only the white paper and my black pen on it. I started wrote some sentences and constructed my first paragraph. It wasn’t felt so hard again to write, seems like there was no load on my hand again. In the fact if we had ideas and inspirations we would be easy to write.

Afterwards, I wrote my story step by step in two days. After I had finished my story, I asked my friends to give their opinion and comment to my story. It was very helped me to make my story better. They gave many suggestions and ideas to make it better. And finally I can submit my assignment on time. At that moment I felt so proud because finally I can finish my assignment.

That was all my strugle to make a story. Finally I can say good bye to my assignment. At the first time, I felt this assignment was killing me, but after I finished my assignment I got many experienced about made a story. I thought this assignment made me learned many things about made a story. I quietly different than yesterday, it made me better than yesterday.

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