Why Writing Is Our Need?

              Don’t ever think that writing is obligation.  More than it, as a student, writing is our need to be a success student.  Every day we always write about information, materials of learning, schedules, assignments and the others. Writing is only a little thing but it has a big important effect for us.  We have to write to complete our need.  But why could writing is our need?  Here I will show you all of the reasons about that.

            First, writing adds more knowledge.  Knowledge is very important for us as a student, even it is our purpose.  Before we write, we must be read.  For example, when we are making a recount text, we need some reference to find the inspiration, so that we read many books in the library for that.  It means we will get many information and knowledge from the book that we read.  So, by writing we can add more knowledge that very useful for our needs.

            Second, writing as the way to get inspiration.   Students need inspiration for their story.  Especially when we have to make a story in the class, such as recount, narrative and the others.  By writing using brain storming and focused question will help us to get inspiration and ideas, so that we can make a good story.

            Third, writing make more imaginative.  Write a story is not easy, there are a lot of things that we have to do.  The most difficult one is how we describe the situation about the time, place, and accident has to describe specifically.  So that the reader can understand what we mean.  For example, “it was a beautiful day in the city park”.  This way directly trained our brain to more imaginative.  It is important to develop our skill in making a story.  So making a story need an imagination.

            Fourth, we need to creative to make a story.  We need to creative in every time we are writing or making a story.  Not only pour the ideas into a written, but also we have to make it interesting.  We have to think how the way to make the reader interest to read our story.  Besides that, we need to creative in other activities, such as making presentation, by prepare writing the information and what we are going to explain to the audience, it help our presentation better.  So that by write we can train our brain to be more creative.

            Fifth, increase our self confidence.  As a student we need self confidence, because it is important for us, especially when we get some discussion in the class.  We have to brave to show our opinion in discussion.  Writing will train us to be more confidence.  As we know, writing needs a long process.  Sometimes we have to revise our text more than three times, but after we finish it, we will sure with that text.  Besides that, appreciation from lecturer will make us more confidence.

            Sixth, diligent is clever base.  Writing can make us diligent to do all the assignment.  By make a list of our assignment, so that we can finish it on time.  Also we can make a schedule about our activities in the collage and the other activities outside the collage.  After we make a schedule, we try to keep our commit of the schedule.

            Seventh, writing make us have a strong memory.  Sometimes we get many assignments that have to finish early.  And unfortunately, it makes us forget about that because of so much assignment.  By writing we can remember all of what we have wrote. Especially when we are writing class review, it always remind us about the lesson that we have learned in the past.  So it is very useful for us.

            Eighth, writing give us motivation.  Motivation is our need, because as a student very vulnerable to fail.  So that when we get failed we need motivation.  For example, when we are fail in the examination.  Our feeling become fall apart, at that time we often write a motivation word on the examination paper.  “I have to be better, better and better again”.  Moreover we can write what our feeling in the diary book, so that we can pour all of our feeling and promise to make it better again.

            Ninth, writing as our self evaluation.  Writing gives us many experiences that very useful for our writing skill.  More often we write, more often we know our ability.  From our experiences in writing, we can decrease some mistakes in writing.  So that we can better in write.  A good writer is a man who tries to decrease his weaknesses and mistakes in writing.

            Tenth, when a lot of students think that writing only gives a confused, actually they haven’t realized yet that writing can do the opposite.  Have you ever felt when you get many assignments and you feel so difficult.  After that you write a diary and pour all of your feeling and you feel better like all of load has gone from your head, it feels so relieved.  At that time writing give you effect, and decrease your stress.  So that writing is need for us to decrease stress.

            Eleventh, writing makes our life organized.  More often we write will make our life organized.  Write a class review every week make us will get many advantages, one of that is we can organized our skill in writing, because every week we always produce one text it mean our skill always increase.

            Twelfth, students have to be patience to control their emotion.  Writing train us to be a patience person.  A lot of trouble and mistakes in making a story, it train us to be patience.  If we can control our emotion until the end of the process of writing, we will success otherwise if we give up and confuse of these all we will be failed.

           Writing has many useful for us and from that will be need by a student to be a good student.  All of those including into a three part of student needs.  First is cognitive, including add more knowledge for student, writing make students have a strong memory, writing as student self evaluation, writing is need for students to decrease stress. The second is affective, including writing can make student diligent to do all their assignment, writing increase their self confidence, write will make student’s life organized, writing train student to be a patience person.  The third is Psychomotor, including students need inspiration for their story, writing make student more imaginative, student need to creative in every time we are writing or making a story, motivation is students need, because as a student very vulnerable to fail.

             That’s all the reason why do we need writing.  Writing not only has many advantages but also it very important for us.  Especially all of the useful of writing including into three parts of our need.  Those are cognitive, affective and psychomotor.  In the cognitive side it will need for student knowledge, in the affective side it give student all of the things about their feeling, and finally in the psychomotor side it will need by student for their creativities and imagination.  Writing more than our obligation, it is our need to be a good student.  If you want to be a good student,  No reason to not write.  So let’s write because writing is our need.


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