Descriptive Text : ” My Sweety Bedroom”

            My bedroom is very enjoyable place for me. It’s like a palace for me. My bedroom is not too large and not too small just an ordinary bedroom, I make it more stylish as I want. And if you come to my bedroom you will find a little ved in the left side near the window. My lovely bed is not large but it very comfortable for me. In front of my bed there is a table. It’s not ordinary table but very special table. Because in that table I usually do my homework, fill my inspiration on my book and concentration.

            There are a lot of books on my table, I have arranged that by the kind of genre. Novels, comics, and fiction books I put it on the left side of my table. In the center of the table I put my school books, and in the right side I put dictionary and all my papers task. After that in my wall I put my schedule to remind me the lesson.

            In my bedroom also I put a tape player beside my table. I usually play the music on when I feel borred or slow instrumental when I am studying. My bedroom has a white colour.

            So that’s all about my lovely sweety bedroom, ordinary but very comfortable for me. I love my bedroom very much. Because of that I never allow my brothers or my sisters come into my bedroom without my permission.


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