Movie Review: Transformers 3- Dark of the Moon

Hi guys today i’m gonna tell you about my favorite movie, it is “Transformers 3- Dark of the Moon”
i like this movie because it very cool movie, full of action and also the animation really great and good it look like real, you can imagine that you are in the earth and there are an alien robot who come to earth and fighting each other, and beside that there is a love story between Sam Witwicky and Carly Spencer, it make this movie more interesting.
Movie Name:
Transformers- Dark of the Moon
Release Date:
29 June, 2011
Star Cast:
Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Patrick Dempsey, Leonard Nimmoy, Tyrese Gibson

Michael Bay
Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg
Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Summary :

The last day between autobot and decepticon in cybertron, the war between autobot and decepticon is over, and aoutobot go away and arrived in the moon, after that in 1969 NASA launching an Apolo 11 to the moon and they met with Aoutobot and make the secret aliancy to fight conflick of human in the earth while waiting for the real enemies for Aoutobot.Now fast forward to the present day.

The Autobots learn about Sentinel Prime in the crashed spaceship on the moon. The Decepticons learn about this too. Optimus rescues Sentinel and brings him back to life with the Matrix of Leadership, Sentinel later kills Ironhide in one shot, and reveals that he made a secret alliance with the Decepticons. The Twins die trying to fight Sentinel, but are no match for Sentinel’s iron rust blaster. The iron rust blaster kills anything it hits.Thousands of Decepticons come to earth, and the Autobots are vastly outnumbered. The Autobots race against time to save the earth. Countless Autobots die along the way. Shockwave is the Transformer who brings the Decepticons from Cybertron to earth. Eventually, Shockwave and Starscream are killed. Near the end, Sentinel gets into an argument with Megatron, and hurts Megatron badly. Optimus fights Sentinel, but is almost killed. Sentinel stole Megatron’s place as the leader of the Decepticons. Megatron becomes angry, and he helps Optimus defeat Sentinel.

 In the mission Optimuse Prime, Rachet and Captein Lenox investigate the facilities of Cernobyl that suspected there is contact with decepticon there. After that Optimuse Prime and Rechet go to moon, because in the moon there is Sentinel Prime, he is the leader of Aoutobot in the past, Optimuse Prime raise Sentinel Prime by the matrix. But beside that Megatron and Deception have a plan to destroy Autobot, a long time ago he had made an agreement with Sentinel Prime before they went out from the war in Cybertron, Sentinel Prime will active the teleport system to raise all of decepticon, but finally that plan known by Sam and Simon. In the last chapter Decepticon and Autobot get war in the earth, Sam and Simon and also military help Autobot to fight with decepticon, great war is happen, spirit, freindsip and power of bilief become united, and finally Autobot win the war but Sentinel Prime killed inthe war while Megatron run away.

The most scane that i like of this movie is where in the last secment when Autobot and Decepticon get fighting each other, it very wonderfull war, because the place in the in the city where there are many high building and people, not only Autobot who fighting with Decepticon but also Sam and Carly and people of militery help them to fight with Decepticon and keep the earth save.I think you must watch this movie, because it really good movie and cool movie, if you want to watch this movie you can watch the trailer of Transformers 3- Dark of the Moon in youtube, i get link to copy at the url here :’t for get to watch it 🙂


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